Handmade Tile Specifications

Recommended Uses
  •  Interiors and exteriors

  •  Floors (both light commercial and residential)

  •  Walls, counters, vertical and horizontal surfaces

  •  Showers and baths. Pools and fountains are recommended unless glaze is noted acid sensitive.

  •  Outdoor BBQ’s, patios, stair risers and fireplaces

Color Information

Available in over 100 beautiful, finely crafted glaze colors. All glazes are designed and hand-mixed using all natural, lead-free ingredients.

Natural variation is inherent in glaze color, texture and finish depending on the specific color.

Colors are available in either a gloss or matte finish.


Lead Time

Made-to-order in 4-8 weeks. Custom projects may take 6–12 weeks, please call a ceramicist to discuss your project.

Custom Options

Custom design options are available. Color, size, and shape can all be modified depending on the project. Please inquire with your specific project details.


Frost-resistant but not frost proof. Please call to discuss specific application if you have questions.

Certain glazes are acid sensitive. Do not use acid sensitive glazes for countertops, pools or bathrooms. Acids may cause discoloration.


Please visit Installation Guide for detailed instructions.

• Use a natural color sanded grout and avoid dark grouts.

• Sealing is not necessary unless it is a non-acid resistant color in an area such as a bathroom or pool to prevent a patina from forming on the tile. It is always a good idea to seal your grout to ward off staining and discoloration.

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