Handmade Tiles Installation Guide:

Disclaimers + Suitability

Please be sure your application suits the product. Please note our ceramic tiles are frost resistant but not frost proof.

If being used in a wet area such as a pool, wet kitchen or bathroom area please be sure the glaze is suitable and is acid resistant. Given the handmade nature of our tile, there will be some color variation. Be sure to lay out tiles and

pull from different boxes to achieve the best overall blend of color. 



Use a diamond blade wet-tile saw for cutting. A new tile saw blade will make a cleaner cut than an old overused blade. Stone or sand edges. Whenever possible use cut edges against the outside walls or ceiling where they are hidden. Dry tiles after cutting before applying silicone. Use a diamond bit with water to drill holes. Make sure that the faucet flange covers any chipping on the edges of the cut out. Always use the proper safety equipment when making cuts.


Grout should be a natural color or a color similar to the tile. Dark grouts with

pigments can stain the tile and if preferred, should be pretested for staining. If using a colored grout, applying a grout release to the tile before grouting can prevent staining. A grout release on all unglazed tile installation is necessary.

It is possible to achieve a tighter grout joint, however it depends on whether or not the natural irregularity in tile size and shape allows for a tighter fit (typically easier with smaller sizes). It also requires a much more skilled installation to get a good end result. If the grout line is too tight the tile could chip at stress points while the grout dries


To remove everyday wear and tear on your tile we suggest using mild soap and water and a clean rag or mop. Diluted dishwashing soap does the job without the worry of damaging the tile or stripping the sealer from your grout. You should be able to use any cleaning product specified for tile, though we suggest first testing the product to be sure.

A good rule of thumb is using cleaning products that do not contain phosphoric acid. This ingredient is common in many harsh smelling cleaners. If you have selected a non- acid resistant glaze please avoid cleansers that contain acids such as vinegar and lemon juice. Avoid highly abrasive cleansers on higher gloss tiles as they may become scratched. Some tiles should be towel dried after cleaning to avoid watermarks caused by hard water. To clean grout haze, use a weak vinegar solution with a soft rag or a manufactured grout haze remover typecleaner.

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