Can I see product before I make an order.

We believe that you don’t know a product until you see it and touch it. Thus, we offer up to 3 samples free of charge. Samples are sent via USP or DLP  and generally arrive in 2-4 days


Do  you have stock in all colors and shapes?

Duee to the uniqueness of each order we do not stock any of our colors or sizes. All products are made to order, and lead times are quoted at the time of purchase.

Why is it suggested that I purchase 10% over the amount required for my installation.

10% is a general rule of thumb when ordering tile. It’s meant to cover loss of material during cutting and possible job site jostling. Most often when a unique, handmade tile cut has been made, the remaining piece of tile cannot be used anywhere else, resulting in fewer tiles than expected. Placing smaller refill orders after the initial order can be costly and time consuming.

Can I order a gloss glaze in a matte finish?

No, glaze formulas are unique to their color and finish which cannot be modified independently. However, there are some similar colors in both finishes. If this is not the case with the color you are requesting, we may be able to custom develop something similar with a different finish (note - this would qualify as a custom job and incur additional development fees)..

How long will it take to get my tile?

Lead times range usually from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the product and size of project.  

Lead times do not include transit time, so please factor in additional time depending on where you are located.

Are Lead Times Guaranteed?

Lead times are estimates based on the business day after an order has been placed, however lead times are not guaranteed. As each order is custom made some things are outside of our control.  Delays may occur due to the size, and/or complexity of the order.  We will do our very best to notify you if any of the above situations occur. Once your order ships, we will email you a tracking number. While we make every effort to avoid delays in production, they do occasionally occur and are not considered grounds for cancellation.  Please call to inquire about current lead times, as it may vary depending on the order and how busy our factory is.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept all forms of payment including money bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express..)

Because every product is custom made and because we have such aggressive lead times – production begins as soon as you place your order. Therefore, we are required to collect the full balance up-front or charge your credit card as soon as you place your order.

Do you accept returns?

Because every product is custom made, we cannot allow returns.

What if I order too much? Can I return the overage?

Each order is custom made, thus we are unable to take back material after the order is completed. We recommend keeping it in a storage area in case in the future some of your tile breaks or needs to be replaced. Or you can tile another location with the tile. Consider a DIY piece of wall art. 

How is shipping handled?

Orders are shipped by DPD courier .  Shipping cost is different for every country. Please contact us for shipping cost calculation for your country

Are there extra fees for shipments outside the EU?

Orders shipped to countries outside of the EU  subject to pay all import taxes, customs, duties and fees levied by destination country.

Why should I inspect my tile before installation?

Due to the handmade nature of our tiles, a slight variation in color and texture exists, giving each piece distinctive beauty. All material should be inspected prior to installation.

We recommend pulling from all boxes during installation in order to minimize any dye lot differentials throughout your project. 

What do you recommend using to cut tile?

Use a diamond blade wet saw. Make sure that the cutting blade is in good condition. A finer blade will make a finer cut.

Remember to always use safety goggles and gloves.

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