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DeKa Ceramic Tiles Studio - Luxury Artisan Handmade Tiles 

DeKa Ceramic Tiles Studio specializes in the production of unique, artistic handmade wall, floor, fireplace tiles. A characteristic feature of our manufacture is that each stage of production - clay kneading , forming, cutting, applying glaze - it is done manually. It is a long process, but thanks to it, each tile is unique and is a separate work of art.


We create our own recipe glazes and apply it by brushing, thanks to that we can present you a wide range of beautiful, vibrant colors not found anywhere else. 

Get Inspired!

Check out our photo gallery

Browse our gallery of realization and inspiration. You will find there pictures of kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, commercial spaces that include our handmade ceramic tiles.

And when you've completed your dream project, please share your photos with us that them may become an inspiration for others.

Explore our Shapes

Get to know our handmade tile shapes

Choose from a dozen designs of our handmade tiles. The offer includes tile shapes like: Metro / Subway Tile, Hexagon, Fish Scale / Fun, Dragon Scale, Square Tiles of various sizes and many more.

You have not found your desired shape or size? We will do it on your individual order.

Choose Your Colors

Over 120 ready glaze colors from our palette, as well as individual colors on order.

All our handmade tiles are also hand-glazed. Thanks to the technique of manually applying glazes with brushes, the effects of glazes are spectacular, and each tile is unique.

If you have not found your dream color in our offer, we can do it for you on order.


Get Free Color Samples

Touch it,    Hold it,    See it Live!

Order hand-painted glaze samples, we'll ship them anywhere in the world. 

Place an Order

Get a free quote and place an order

Order a free quote. Please send us the tile type, amount of Tiles (in pcs. sq metre or sq feet ).Within two business days we will send you a free quote including shipping fee and lead time.

After placing an order, your project will be immediately entered into our production queue and then delivered right from our kilns to your door.

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